Thursday, January 08, 2009

What I Love This Week/ Obsessions I guess

- December movies. It's Oscar movie season and so far this year I'm loving it. I saw The Reader yesterday and Milk the day before that and loved them both. I was pleasantly surprised by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and was happy when Frost/Nixon met my high expectations, though I am of the minority opinion that Slumdog Millionaire is overrated and tonally inconsistent. But I'm not done yet- I'm still looking forward to Revolutionary Road, Rachel Getting Married, Doubt and Last Chance Harvey. And it's not even just Oscar movies that are making me happy- I haven't laughed so hard or cried so hard as when I saw Marley and Me last week, it was a true delight among some much less heartwarming fare.

- Josh Charles as Dan Rydell. My second time through Sports Night I've developed a supreme love for Dan, the anchor who was sadly overlooked last time through.

- Rob McElhenny. The man writes, produces and stars in a fantastically funny show (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Not to mention that he's the creator and showrunner of it all, plays my favourite of all the characters and is adorably married to his co-star (Kaitlyn Olsen).


Dorv said...

Ha! I just rewatched Sportsnight too (Its amazing what happens when you're stuck in a hotel for three months).

Its so hard to pick a favorite character from that show. There's a lot of me in Casey, but then there's a lot of me in Jeremy. During this pass, however, probably Natalie. She brings the banter better than anyone (Let me posit this casting change: Sabrina Lloyd as Donna Moss...)

Kelly said...

Interestingly, I completely overlooked him my first time through but this time I think Dan was my favourite. Ive always been fond of Casey though.