Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Big Pile of Bionic Waste

I must confess that I got only half way through the pilot episode of Bionic Woman before turning it off in repulsion- and I had to force myself to get that far. I start of every new TV season with every intention of watching absolutely everything, at least giving it a couple episodes to win me over (after all, I hated the Grey's pilot and subsequent couple episodes but now it's one of my favourites currently on the air). This is just too bad though, there's too much on this year to waste my time on something that's so un-enjoyable I would rather be writing my term paper that's due next week than watching it. If it becomes a huge hit I might someday return (like I plan to with heroes and with lost) but as of now I refuse to watch any more Bionic Woman.

Firstly there is nothing more annoying on TV (or any medium for that matter) than an actress who seems like every line she's saying is being read from a script. This is partly the fault of the writers since the other characters do it a bit as well but it's really evident in the lead. Memo to TV producers: just because she's pretty it doesn't mean that she's an actress. God I miss Buffy, back when actresses could dress like supermodels, be witty and engaging, hit the high emotional moments and kick serious vampire ass all at the same time. See Grey's for more examples of both extraordinarily beautiful and more normal looking people with serious acting chops. (and writing ones too- go Shonda!).

Also: I know they tried to justify this but since when do genius professors (who happen to be young and hot by the way) date drop out bartenders... can you say "this TV, we can do anything". THINGS PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE IN AND RELATE TO WORK BETTER!!!!! these producers are idiots. and let us not forget the wonky editing (why does the color composition keep changing in the hospital?

This show is an example of everything that's wrong with TV. When people finally decide they're going to switch the channel from drivel like Deal or No Deal and Survivor and tune into something scripted and find this (an unoriginal, badly scripted, badly acted, badly edited play for viewership off false novelty), they simply tune back into the reality shows.

is this show does really well Ill be sooo pissed.
and to think no one is watching Friday Night Lights- may I present to you the idiocy of North America!

I love Adison Montgomery

She's the best. Kate Walsh brought to life a character that was set up to be hated by an entire continent rooting for her husband to be with another woman. She turned Addison into one of the most complex and compelling characters on Grey's and I would watch her in anything. That said, private practice wasn't as great as expected but its sure to improve and I love soo many of the people involved. Its a blast to see Paul Adelstein play someone so completely different than how we've seen him on Prison Break for the last 2 years, he's so bumbly cute and his character's friendship with the adorably dysfunctional Violet is wonderful (I really hope the producers dont throw them together and instead leave them as truly best friends. I'm also so glad to see the Piz has a job since Veronica Mars didn't come back. I really liked Dell's speech demanding respect from Addison. and Taye Diggs has a smile that could light up the dark side of the moon (and he's a Broadway guy married to Idina Menzel which just adds to the awesome). So far I love the cast and under the leadership of the people who brought us such dynamic and intricate characters as Preston Burke, Miranda Bailey, Christina Yang and Addison Montgomery herself, Private Practice promises to be a crowd favourite. (PS: though I'm glad Addi didn't last with Derek I don't understand who would ever chose Meridith over her).

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Boston Legal

there are typically, in Boston Legal, moments when you just think to yourself "what is this?" it's completely ridiculous and they take it too far and it's kind of strange that it gets the Emmy attention it seems to... but... there there are moments when you realize that it's so much more than the farce it sometimes succumbs to and there are moments of pure joy.

This season's premier of Boston Legal was in every sense a classic Boston Legal episode with every feature that I mentioned above. They somehow managed to fire half their cast and hire an entirely new one whilst maintaining not only interest but plot that the audience has come to expect. I didn't miss Constance Zimmer at all (and I'm a really big fan of hers). It was the smoothest cast transition since the world forgot that Hawkeye ever shared a tent with anyone other than BJ and Charles.

The Denny and Shirley moment when he sang "You are my sunshine" almost made me cry- it was absolutely beautiful, one of the best moments on television ever (from 2 characters I don't usually enjoy watching), Jerry berating John Larroquette's character for being mean was spectacular "even if I was serious you never head butt" and Clarence's performance at the end was pure happy (Big Hairspray fan so it was predetermined that I would love that). I'm glad they're onto another big murder trial that will last a couple episodes (last year's was fascinating) and as of yet I don't hate the new girl (though the one that will be hired next week promises to be hatred worthy).

This season will probably a lot of fun with a couple of moments of "that's why it keeps getting best drama Emmy nominations"

Season so Far recommendations

Of what I've seen of this year's premiers these are my recommendations for what to watch if you're running low on TV time:

How I Met Your Mother
Gossip Girl
Prison Break
Back to You
Friday Night Lights

more premiers to come this week, will add to the list once Ive seen them- get excited!

NBC Monday's New Shows: Chuck and Journeyman

OK, not amazing, kind of average but again, like most TV shows out there, worth the watch.
Chuck is adorable and fun (though very badly edited), I liked seeing Sarah Lancaster (Everwood) back on screen and some elements are really cute (like Chuck's affectionate nickname for his sister's boyfriend 'captain awesome') but Journeyman is actually better.
I actually quite liked it. Kevin McKidd is really engaging in the lead role (though when they show him with his old fiancee I can't help but contemplate why it is that TV and film always couples men with women who are much younger than them. His present day wife is played by someone much more age appropriate. Actually the most compelling dynamic in the show is when he goes back in time to when he was engaged to a woman who is now dead and his now-wife was with his brother. It's fascinating to watch him struggle with his feelings of infidelity as he slips his wedding ring off in order to be with the person who in the time period he's currently in he's supposed to be with in front of the woman he eventually marries and his brother who he stole her from. He feels disloyal to his marriage, his current (or previous-depending) fiancee and his brother all at the same time. It's also fun to see Kate (his future wife)'s feelings for him being desperately hidden while she's with his brother. I also enjoy the time period references they throw in (old sports games, news feed, pictures of NY skyline with the World Trade Center, etc...). Overall its very good- but nothing to warrant many seasons and a DVD purchase- God I miss the West Wing; now that was a show that every episode was a revolution of quality television.

Monday on NBC- worth a watch but nothing necessary if you don't have a lot of TV time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You Know You Love Her: Gossip Girl XOXO

How great is it to hear Kristin Bell's voice on TV again? GREAT.
Now I refused to read the books, they were a little too chick lit trashy for me but all my snobbish sensibilities could not keep me away from the series premier of Gossip Girl on The CW. And I have to admit- I loved it. I'm completely hooked and seriously looking forward to next episode. I went to an elite private school in Toronto and while I never ran in that circle and the show is clearly hyperbolic I have to say that some of it rings entirely too true for comfort. There really are boys that pretty with trust funds that big. There really are girls that stylish and that catty. At the same time there are also girls that privileged who, like Serena, are really fundamentally good people who don't look down on those less privileged. What's true about the real world upon which the show is based is that most of those kids may have trust funds on which they can ride but they're also really smart, really well read, hard workers, determined and most show an active interest in something other than their social lives (whether it be theatre, sports, debate, journalism, etc...). Here's hoping Gossip Girl shows that side of them along with their defiance of the unfair stereotype that privileged kids are snobs who can't see beyond a checkbook and designer jeans. Acting-wise, the boys are a tad TOO pretty for my taste but the relationship between Dan and Jenny seems like its shaping up to be a favourite to watch and Blake Lively as Serena exudes great kindness and trustworthiness whilst being the most beautiful and stylish person on TV these days. And then there's always Kristen's voice over as the unseen Gossip Girl to remind us all that perhaps what we're watching could be better than a synopsis would suggest- it could be among the intelligent elite of teen-based dramas like her Alma mater.

Kid Nation!!!!!!!!

I really like Kid Nation!!!
These kids are amazing. Even the ones you're really not supposed to like (ie: Greg) have moments where they're awesome (helping out the kid with the muscle spasm, offering to be Jimmy's wing man, helping the younger kids on his team during the challenge, his pride in Sophia when she won the gold star). Soo many of the kids are really smart and some are really hard workers. Sophie is awesome and I totally understand exactly where she's coming from whenever she's bossy or confrontational.
I adore Michael (his speech and when he said he really likes the kids), he kind of an awesome kid. It seems as if the council is made up of really random people. I understand Mike (even if he is only 11 he's a pretty good and very dedicated leader) and I think Anjay has real leadership potential. Even Taylor had some truly inspirational moments and Laurel is showing great strength in leading her team through friendship (a trait Michael criticized in other leaders) but Laurel is clearly going to get preachy down the road and Taylor flat out lied about why the dishes weren't getting done "I'm a beauty queen I don't do dishes" but "we're doing our best but there are a lot" was the official word. Michael and Sophia should be the other 2 leaders. I wish the show would leave them alone a bit more to create their own social structure instead of "the council" and survivor-like challenges determining their fate. People like Michael, Mike and Sophia would have set themselves apart as natural leaders in a Jack-like way (lord of the flies- the early pre-savagery chapters) which would have been fascinating to watch. I'll miss Jimmy (who's adorable but has gone home) but am really looking forward to the next episode.

Back to You: a return to the classic sitcom

The series premier of Back to You was this week and I have to say.... thank god. This show was lovely. It wasn't innovative, it wasn't memorable, and it wasn't brilliant but it was good and it was familiar. The sitcom King (Kelsey Grammar- Cheers/Frasier) and Queen (Patricia Heaton- Everybody Loves Raymond) together with legendary sitcom director Jimmy Burrows (FRIENDS/Will & Grace/everything else ever) made a show that made me laugh. It was like having FRIENDS back, or Will & Grace or Frasier or Mad About You or any of the other gems from the forgotten 3 camera sitcom genre. I grew up with FRIENDS (it rand from when I was 4 years old until I was 14) and Will & Grace. They were my first favourite shows, the shows that got me into television. Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright were the names of the first executive producers I could recognize. Now I can name dozens and that's what I want to do with my life. I love sitcoms. I love classic sitcoms- everything from All in the Family to Who's the Boss? to Golden Girls to MASH. I grew up in a time when they were everywhere (both first and second generation of the reign of sitcoms) and while in recent years there have been many hilarious new takes on the sitcom (Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Extras, The Class, Scrubs, etc...) there hasn't been anything reminiscent of the old days since we lost Frasier, FRIENDS, Will & Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond in the span of a couple years. Back to You fills that gap. It's not spectacular but it gets in some great laughs and its nostalgic as hell and completely worth the 22 minutes.

Friday Night Lights Season 2 premier

I've just finished previewing the second season premier of Friday Night Lights (airing on NBC on Friday, Oct 5 @9pm). Its not as great as the first season but still wonderful. The complex characters and relationships are still there. Julie faces a dilemma in her relationship with Matt that Ive seen happen to real-life couples more than once. We don't get to see enough of Riggins, Street or Smash but Tyra and Landry get some much deserved screen time. There is a distinct danger with their storyline of becoming over dramatic along the lines of more of an OC or One Tree Hill kind of show as opposed to the real-life based character driven stuff of the first season. The episode's most shining moment was the brilliant Connie Britton's silent tears after her conversation with her husband- she's easily the most underrated actress on TV. I don't like that Landry is trying out for the football team though. I find when a show is centered around a certain activity its important to have a couple characters who aren't rooted in that activity to ground the show. For example, Alias was strongest when Sydney had a life outside the CIA from which she had to hide her real identity- it gave the show more dynamics. By integrating Landry into the team it seems forced and unreal. I found the final moments of the episode kind of confusing since they were giving out the state champ rings (and coach Taylor was giving them out) but Landry was in uniform so I was unsure whether it was a flashback. In fact the whole episode was strange because it skipped ahead 8 months from where we left off with very little exposition as to what had happened since we left. Also, I could have sworn Riggins was supposed to graduate last year. And why is Tyra's molester all of a sudden following her? it seemed as though she hadn't seen him in 8 months and now he shows up? it seemed badly constructed as a whole- but then again, I'm picky, really picky. The show as a whole still is the best character drama out there and I will be watching the premier again when it airs for real in October.

CBS MONDAY COMEDIES: How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory

My favourite show currently on the air is (no secret here: How I Met Your Mother). I was, however, disappointed in last night's third season premier. While still better than most sitcoms out there (see the second half of this post), last night's HIMYM was not up to their usual standard. After re-watching the entire first season on DVD and gearing up to buy the second when it comes out on Oct 2, I was really excited about the premier but it lacked some of the omph of past season. I can't pin down why it wasn't as good- it just was lacking something. I must also say that I hate Lily's hair. She said herself in season 1 that "the bangs were a mistake" in reference to her homecoming picture. She used to be a cute, down to earth red head who paralleled Marshall in a lovely way. Now, with her cool girl straight bangs and dark hair she looks stylish, popular and kind of mean. Her look doesn't reflect her personality anymore and her and Marshall don't fit as nicely together because she looks like one of the cool kids and he looks like one of the actually cool kids. It seems to me that Alyson Hannigan is trying to outrun Willow with all her might, though I have to say: WHAT'S WRONG WITH WILLOW?

The second comedy of the night was the series premier of Big Bang Theory from the creators of Two and a Half Men, starring 8 Simple Rules' Kaley Cuaco. This was dull. It had its moments of funniness but overall had the ring of a sitcom where the laugh track sticks out because it doesn't inspire nearly that much laughter. On a really great sitcom a laugh track is completely unnoticeable. Though, as we learned last year with The Class, the pilot is oftentimes not nearly as good as the rest of the series- I say let it grow. I doubt this one will make it far, it's a shame though- I do love watching geeks at work, so cute!

Prison Break episode 2

Last night's second episode of the Prison Break season was certainly meh. The sleuthing should not be left to Lincoln. Susan B Anthony is clearly ridiculous- first off she's completely unbelievable as an agent of whatever she's an agent of, she's also played by the bitchy prom queen from She's All That, please. I hate it when Michael doesn't have a plan- its not nearly as interesting. I'm also tired of Sucre already (who we've only just been re-introduced to) though perhaps he'll be better once this Marie-Cruz thing is over. And I can't stand what the writers have done with Mahone. I disagreed with the direction they took for the character in the first place but they've taken him to idiotic extremes that someone of his supposed intelligence would never stoop to. With all he went through last year he would know that he can't beat Michael and that his only chance for survival would be to work with him. Instead, he's clinging to an immoral strategy that he thinks will get him out of prison but which even he admits doesn't sound like it will work- what? Id rather just have Mahone killed. The second season was great for that- they killed off beloved characters because there's no way all 8 of them could have made it, they showed no qualms about losing them. We lost Abruzzi, Tweener and Haywire to that (no one cared at all what happened to C-Note) and the series survived- so lets off Mahone and be done with him.

on the good side- I love T-Bag, he's one of the coolest characters ever. Robert Knepper is impeccable as the villain you love to hate. Its amazing to see how he transforms himself (a funny, happy-seeming, kindly man) into the snake that he portrays on screen. In the audio commentaries on the season 1 DVD you can hear him talk about the techniques he uses to develop the character. I also love Mike and Linc, as corny as it may be I love seeing them swear to go to the ends of the earth for each other.
Though he drives me crazy, the writers have done a great job throwing Bellick into a completely different world than the one in which we were introduced to him but keeping him true to his character. Unlike Mahone, Bellick is consistent in character. His willingness to do anything (including betraying Michael- the only person he can trust) to survive in relative comfort is reminiscent of his time as a CO, taking bribes from the inmates. Similarly, T-Bag's degrading himself for protection and status makes perfect sense and is full circle from his forcing young men to hold his pocket for protection at Fox River.

Overall I still thoroughly enjoy this show even if there are tons of things I would do differently if I was writing it.

Also: Wentworth.


Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just finished watching the first season of Friday Night Lights on and can I just say it is not in the least bit over hyped by all those critics who've been swearing by its brilliance for a year. I'm the last person to ever watch something about football. I'm the last person to watch something set in Texas, I'm the last person to watch something shot in a dark and gritty style and I'm the last person to ever watch a show based on a Billy Bob Thorton movie. I am, however, someone who will give anything the critics love a chance.

After the pilot I liked it. After mid season I really liked it. After the season 1 finale I LOVE it- I love it to the extent that it's made the Facebook Favourite TV shows list. The characters are so well developed through both writing and performance that it makes me wonder how 1) these young actors are only being discovered now, 2) Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler have, until now, been bit players and guest stars, 3) I wasn't watching this before and 4) no one else is watching at all. Every single character is so multidimensional that even the ones I started out hating turned out to be characters I really cared about.

Coach Taylor and his wife are the most believable and wonderful couple Ive seen on screen since Paul and Jamie left us (Mad About You). They are kind, compassionate and caring while plagued with an array of flaws that I recognise in my own parents. Julie, who I initially couldn't stand, has turned into a wonderful character whose plight I really invest in (and her relationship is so lovely to watch blossoming), Tim Riggins went from the loser parody of a typically conflicted character to one of the sweetest yet (as the Grey's characters would say "dark and twisty") characters ever. Tyra, similarly, deepened with every minute of screen time she got and is now one of my favourites. Now mind you Miss Lyla's not a character I'll ever really love but she has a few moments of pathos too. Jason Street makes my heart ache- the scene when he set about passing on his knowledge to Matt made me cheer out loud. Matt is typically lovely (though you knew that from the beginning) and while Smash started out as a parody and still has his moments of being completely annoying, his late season scenes with his family and with Waiverly (particularly the one outside the diner) make him spectacular in my eyes.

This show is not about football. It's about people and life and love and everything. Football is a backdrop, a metaphor for what's going on on a deeper level. Matt's growing confidence in himself is reflected in his leadership as QB1. Every time Riggins takes a hit to protect Smash on the field it represents their growing friendship and race relations within the team. The way they take to heart what coach Taylor says reflects their characters. when the coach runs a play Matt developed it shows not only his confidence in the boy as a leader and as QB1 but it shows that he trusts him in his relationship with his daughter.

It wont get a third season without a huge jump in viewership. It shows NBC's dedication to content that it (and 30 Rock for that matter) are still on at all. We owe it to the network to prove to them that we notice when they give us something other than what's economically smart. In picking Friday Night Lights up for a second season, the network chose what was right over what was right for their team (something coach Taylor struggles with on a weekly basis) and for that they deserve at least a PVR recording every week.

Watch it- not only will it contribute to the salvation of intelligent scripted television but there's so much you can learn from these fascinating and complicated characters.
So, say it with me y'all....
"clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose"

Saturday, September 22, 2007


As premiers rain upon us I thought Id give you an idea of what I'm going to be watching this season (because that's what Ill be talking about but its also what you should watch... hint, hint).

- Brothers & Sisters
- Desperate Housewives
- Prison Break
- How I Met Your Mother
- Heroes
- Lost
- Grey's Anatomy
- The Office
- Scrubs
- 30 Rock
- Jericho
- Weeds
- Boston Legal
- Ugly Betty
- Friday Night Lights

- Back to You
- Gossip Girl
- Kid Nation
- Viva Laughlin
- Life is Wild
- the Big Band Theory
- Chuck
- Journeyman
- Cane
- Reaper
- Private Practice
- Dirty Sexy Money
- Bionic Woman
- Life
- Big Shots
- Moonlight
- Aliens in America
- Pushing Daisies
- Women's Murder Club
- Samantha Who?


This is my appeal to you (not that anyone reads this- if anyone reads this please post a comment so I know you're there).

I have a thing where I can't jump into a show if I haven't seen the beginning. I couldn't return to Lost after I skipped the end of season 1, I couldn't watch Grey's because I hadn't been a fan for the first 2 seasons and finally I couldn't lend my valuable viewership to critically acclaimed shows such as Arrested Development and Sports Night because I hadn't always been watching. As a result of behaviour like mine both of these shows were cancelled after only a few (3 and 2 respectively) seasons. Since, I've watched both series in their entirety on DVD and love both shows. I wish they had had the viewership to continue. (same with my beloved Veronica who I'm glad I was able to support during her third and final season because I caught up with DVD in time).

Ive spent my summer catching up on shows I didn't use to watch and am now going to dive into. I'm returning to Lost, Ive discovered Grey's (full entry to come later on my thoughts on the most popular series around) and I even intend to watch season 1 of Heroes so I can tune in when it premiers and see what all the fuss is about. (I gave it a shot last fall, grew quickly tired and turned it off but the loyalty of its fans suggests that it deserves another chance). While these shows don't need any help getting another season (in fact Lost is already signed long term), they're important to my repertoire.

There are, however, shows that need the viewership that are really worth saving.

1) 30 Rock. This Emmy winner for best comedy is truly hilarious and really charming. Tina Fey is brilliantly relatable and Alec Baldwin is priceless. This show's completely unexpected second season pick-up was a miracle and to keep it from going the way of Arrested Development it needs people to tune in and see how great it really is (one episode will have you hooked).

2) Friday Night Lights. Every blogger, critic and podcaster out there has been screaming for a year that everyone needs to be watching FNL. Its gritty and real and dramatic and engaging and FUNNY- who knew the words gritty and funny could apply to the same thing. The characters are some of the most developed Ive seen on TV in years. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are spectacular and beautifully recognizable as a wonderful couple as they lead a group of young actors who will knock your socks off from Matt's desperate optimism to Tyra's unexpected strength to Tim's hidden vulnerability and compassion. Give it a couple episodes to grow on you but I guarantee its worth every second of your time.

3) Jericho. This is the only show I'm promoting that Ive yet to watch. I have every intension of watching all of season 1 and tuning in to season 2 though because this show is the root of the most inspirational story Ive heard in television in years. Upon hearing that Jericho wouldn't be returning for a sophomore season, its dedicated fans sent nuts to CBS in protest. This isn't unheard of: Everwood fans put a Ferris Wheel outside corporate offices and Veronica Mars fans sent Mars bars across the country. It is, however, unheard of that the network listened: that's exactly what CBS did. The most watched yet least talked about network which serves founder Sumner Redstone's mantra of "content is king" decided to listen to their audience. They agreed to a second season of Jericho on a trial basis, if the viewership doesn't go up they'll kill it again- more than fair. In fact, this brilliant move by CBS gained the network serious points in my book. It shows they were listening, they care and if Jericho doesn't make it there's no way anyone can blame the network- people have got to watch. So, in the name of democracy and in the name of CBS and in the name of the dedicated fans who made their voices heard for the first time in network television history- WATCH JERICHO.

and finally...

4) How I Met Your Mother. The best sitcom in years (perhaps ever) is hailed as the "perfect" sitcom as it combines elements of all the best sitcoms. Entertainment weekly said it takes the hip twenty-somethings of FRIENDS and puts them in the bar from Cheers with the comedic and revealing narrative and in-jokes from Arrested Development, the unconventional format of The Office with the comfort of a laugh track, the comedy-romance of Mad About You, big name guest stars like will & grace, the nostalgia of The Wonder Years and the catch phrases and supporting star like the Fonz from Happy Days. How could anything be better? Its one of my top 3 shows of all time and though perhaps not in as much immediate danger of cancellation as the above 3 it really needs to be on the air for a long time to come. So please, I entreat thee, WATCH.
This is also on CBS so, WOOT!


Friday, September 21, 2007

Holy Prison Break Batman!!!

I admit I love the Wentworth. I love his secretive eyes, his heart shaped face, his perfectly defined lips, the small mole on his temple, his strong hands, the way he exudes quietly intense intelligence, etc... but I have to admit that even if we put him aside for a moment I still love Prison Break.

Ive just finished watching the third season premier of the show (courtesy of and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was a little disappointed in the second season as a whole so was unsure about the third (now mind you I was disappointed but still enthralled so there was no way I wasn't coming back) but so far its proved a bit of a return to the original brilliance. Though not as exhilarating as the first season (I'm already tired of the prisoner who runs the prison and his so called "rules"), it's nice to see the guys stop running and have to think things through again. What made the first season so great was knowing Michael's plan was already set and watching it play out (as well as watching him think on his feet and adapt to the obstacles that came up). sure it was an action/adventure show but it was more intelligent and suspenseful (also home to some of the most interesting and well-played/developed characters on TV- Robert Knepper is the king of character study!!!). The second season was mostly running and Link without a shirt. This season Michael's back in Prison (alongside 3 other characters we already know- the bores that are Bellick and Mahone and the awesome villainy of T-Bag) and we get to see him come up with an escape plan. It's sure to be somewhere in between the brilliance of the first season and the mediocrity of the second. Also, this plot line certainly wasn't in the original plan so the answers cant be in the tattoo. we're sure to see plenty of long sleeves on Wentworth this season (so he doesn't have to spend the extra 5 hours in makeup).

We're also going to sincerely miss Sarah Wayne Callies (Sara Tancredi) who' s not in the cast this season. As far as we know Sara and LJ are alive and have been kidnapped but with Michael's attachment to her and her non-existent contract she's bound to meet an unfortunate fate. Too bad, I always like Sara.

Must go, more to come as the new TV season unfolds.