Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Strange Things You Can Learn From "Bachelor Pad"

- Disney princesses cry A LOT. Super happy rainbows and butterflies girl, Tenley, cries at least twice every episode. Ugh.

- Mean is fun. This week's competition, in which the competitors all filled out candid surveys that ended up hurthing a lot of feelings, was hilarious, interesting and generally awesome. Way better than twister, or pies, though that kissing one was also pretty darn great. 

-You never know. This season's champion of the outsiders and mainstream-resistor is the notorious Bachelorette villain Wes. And my least favourite bachelor in years (Dave, the champion of "the man code") has been actually kind of likable on this show (not really likable but kind of likable, which is saying way more than I ever thought I would). Meanwhile, the cute nice guy who always votes the right way and seems generally sweet, Jesse B, was really off-putting on his date with Peyton. Weird.

- Flirts have feelings too. Crazy party girl Natalie's biggest goal in life is to get married and have kids. Also, she's strangely vulnerable. Huh?!

- Boys can change. Standard jerk jock guy Kovacs had a revelation this week when he realized that he "100% cares about" (guarded boy talk for "loves") Elizabeth. It was kinda sweet really. She was crying because everyone voted her for "worst boob job" and he comforted her. Yes, that's really what happened. Aren't you worried about the state of humanity right now? You should be.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Emmy Highlights

- Aaron Paul for the WIN!!! I think perhaps that this was the year Terry O'Quinn really deserved it but the Breaking Bad supporting actor is so brilliant so consistently that I'm incredibly glad he won. I've loved him for years- so yay!

- Tina Fey's dress. I love it when the queen of awkward is the most gorgeous person at the show.

- Jesse Tyler Ferguson cries when his screen partner Eric Stonestreet wins best supporting actor in a comedy. But will Neil Patrick Harris EVER win?!

- Jim Parsons wins best actor in a comedy. Hells Yes!

- The Amazing Race is unseated by Top Chef. The enjoyable but repetitive race that has won every year the category has existed had a good season but not nearly as good as the awesomeness that was the Voltaggio season of Top Chef. Finally a truly great reality show wins the category!

- Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler. They didn't win, but they were there! Which is in itself a step in the right direction (though I adamantly believe that Connie should have had it, she didn't even lose to front-runner Julianna Margulies or superstar Glenn Close!)

- Archie Panjabi wins for best supporting actress in a drama for The Good Wife. Who'da thunk?! I like her character but don't think that it's a tough enough part to play to deserve the award. I would have gone with Christina Hendricks.

- Jimmy's short but sweet musical intros to the categories of comedy, drama, reality, variety and miniseries were funny but not time-wasty and made good use of icons from each genre.

- George Clooney gives a lovely speech while accepting a humanitarian award. I really do love him.

- Mad Men wins best drama AGAIN. Ugh. Can we PLEASE try and branch out next year Emmy voters? There are other things out there.

- Modern Family wins best comedy. The nominations were disappointing (no Cougar Town?! no Community?! no How I Met Your Mother?!) but this was DEFINITELY the most deserving nominee.


"The island, it was mystical and in the end they died. I didn't understand it, but I tried" - host Jimmy Fallon (in a musical tribute to Lost to the tune of "Time of Your Life" by Green Day)

"Mel Gibson, I'm not gonna have a go at him, he's been through a lot. Not as much as the jews!" -presenter Ricky Gervais

“NBC asking the host of Late Night to come to LA to host a different show, what could possibly go wrong?” (Cameras cut to Conan) “Too soon?” - Jimmy Fallon

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favourite Houseguest fails BB101

My favourite Big Brother houseguest made a crucial mistake this week- one that might just end his game tonight in the live double eviction episode. With Enzo on the block (perfect) and Brendon winning the veto (obvious), why wouldn't Matt lobby to get Hayden put up in his place? He's already gone anti-brigade by being instrumental in getting Enzo nominated, so why not seal the deal by putting up his less threatening ally alongside him. Instead, Matt went after Ragan, his best friend in the house. All his interviews pinpoint his reasoning as brigade-oriented, but that just doesn't make sense. I think Matt's crucial mistake was a direct attempt to convince Britney that he wasn't unbreakably loyal to Ragan so she would feel more secure. Trouble is, everyone loves Ragan and the brigade has long since turned on Matt, so they controlled the narrative on his move to get Ragan out. Consequently, Matt came out the villain, the move seeming more malicious than desperate. So now he's on the block and has the votes easily stacked against him (my guess is a unanimous vote, unless Matt apologizes and Ragan comes back to him). Man, Hayden was the way to go- that was so obvious, don't turn on the one person who has your back unless you have to. Even Will remained loyal to Boogie, showing loyalty to one person is what convinces the others that you are trustworthy- it's BB 101 (see also season 10's Dan's loyalty to a doomed Brian or season 8's Dick staying true to daughter Daniele- it left the door open for them to turn on everyone else as much as they wanted). Britney liked Matt, she would have put up Hayden if he hadn't tried for Ragan. Unless there's some sort of miracle, the best player is leaving the Big Brother house tonight (and taking with him my bragging rights at having picked him out week 1 as the best). Unless Britney pulls her game up I've got no one left to cheer for if Matt leaves- come on man, use that "genius" head of yours and get yourself out of this self-made predicament, THINK!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Actor Obsession: Matt Letscher

So there's this guy. Whenever someone asks me who my favourite TV actors are, I never think of him. I don't remember to include him in lists of TV crushes, standout characters or superb guest stars. But the thing is, I really really should. Maybe it's because he's not very showy. Or maybe it's that no matter how many awesome shows he's on, they always seem to be canceled before their time. He doesn't often get to make grand speeches, stand on any literal or metaphorical coffee carts or get top billing as the star of the show. But I love him. I've loved him for years (since 1998 to be exact) and have loved every single thing I've ever seen him in (which is a lot). He deserves to be on those aforementioned lists, I'm embarrassed that I never remember to put him there. He did, however, earn a My TV Award nomination in 2009 for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his work on Eli Stone. That guy is Matt Letscher.

Still don't know who he is? Letscher's is one of those names that people never seem to recognize when I bring it up, but almost everyone knows his work. He's a terrifyingly unrepentant villain (The Mask of Zorro), a terrific office prig (Good Morning Miami), the playful but responsible older brother (Eli Stone) and the sweet single dad from the playground (Brothers & Sisters). He was married to Joey's crush and dated Old Christine. And now he's hired Parker and Kim to defend him on Drop Dead Diva.

In a lovely episode that miraculously overcame many many cheesy hurdles (a bizzaro court case for Jane, an overly emotional Grayson, an insecure Kim, and Jake Pavelka), Letscher made me love him all over again. He barely said a word for the first half of the episode, just sat there wearing cool "I work in the TV industry" glasses and not giving too much away. He played the producer of a Bachelor-like reality show, who was being sued for inflicting emotional damage on a rejected bachelorette (the always adorable Camille Guaty). Kim called him a jerk, Pavelka's character claimed he set the bachelorette up for heartbreak and we were bombarded with criminalizing footage from the fictional show; all signs pointed to "this guy's a pig". But there's something about Letscher's eyes. He didn't have to say anything, I knew he was a good guy this time. Maybe it's the way he furrows his brow, or something about the light going out of his twinkling blue eyes when he plays a villain; maybe it's the way his face reddens before you see any tangible tears (not that he cried on Diva, just sat there downhearted) or all or none of the above. Whatever it is, Matt Letscher is one of the most emotional actors working today. He can always make me feel whatever it is I'm supposed to. This time around, no matter what the evidence, I knew I was supposed to like him. So I did, and it turns out I was right to. Matt Letscher's the best in the business for emotional turns: he can rip your heart out without ever seeming dramatic; he can make you laugh, make you mad and give you nightmares. That's a lot of reaction for a familiar face to inspire.

Would someone PLEASE get this man a starring vehicle?! He can play absolutely anything and will have the audience exactly where he wants them the entire time. I'm telling you, there's something about those eyes.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ABC Family's Strange and Wonderful New Addition

It's a little old for their demographic and completely inconsistent with the goofball brand, but ABC Family has picked up a show that completely changes the way I view their network. Starting September 7th, you can watch Friday Night Lights every night of the week, right from the beginning.

The brilliant and subtle show is the furthest thing from ABC Family's usual brand of zany sweetness but it does have lots of teen characters (brilliantly developed ones) and core family values (beyond the strippers, the beer swilling and the gang violence lies the show's moral centre in well-meaning husband/wife duo Erik and Tammy Taylor).

Some of (if not most of) the themes will be new territory for the network and its usual audience, but maybe this is an indication of what's to come for ABC Family: quality first.

Bitch Bitch Bitch

Wow, that just might have been the bitchiest hour of super bitchiness since... well, I don't know, early Gossip Girl? Let's get it out of the way right off the bat- Rachel is horrible and needs to never be on the show ever again (sadly she's almost a guarantee if they do another all-stars. ugh, can you imagine her and Evel Dick in the same house? oh the annoying horror!). That said, I CANNOT STAND when someone yells insults at someone else while instructing them on proper human decency. Yes, I'm talking to you Ragan. I know you value yourself VERY highly. VERY VERY highly, clearly. But your behaviour is not much classier than Rachel's (I'll grant you it is a little classier, which is not saying much, but not a lot). You know who's is? (you might be terrified by this prospect so feel free to hide behind your well-manicured shame when I say it) Enzo. Also, Hayden. Also, EVERYONE ELSE. Calling yourself classy then putting someone else down for their lack of class, that's called hypocrisy. I know you're a professor (well, at least you were until your department heads saw this show and hopefully thought better) so you probably know what that word means, but just to clarify: putting down others, no matter how awful they may be, especially as abrasively as you have (on a regular basis, I might add), NOT CLASSY.

Repeat, for all past, current and future Big Brother houseguests, none of whom have ever seemed to know what the word "classy" means when throwing it around: Class is NOT, I repeat NOT about mocking someone's hair extensions and calling them a bitch. Once more, that is NOT CLASSY. Thanks for listening.

On the flip side of the issue, Britney is a super bitch (was mocking Kathy's competition skills behind her back really necessary?) but she's a HILARIOUS super bitch so it's okay (the answer is yes, yes it was, it was funny!) Britney is a generally smart player who's diary room sessions are flat out hilarious. One of the only people I'm rooting for at the moment, Britney could make it really far in this game because even though she's bitchy, for the most part she doesn't let the other houseguests know about it. With few exceptions, she's refrained from telling everyone else how to live and she certainly has never participated in my ultimate BB petpeeve: telling someone "what the game of Big Brother is about" when in fact you don't know what the game of Big Brother is about (quick note: Ragan, have you never seen Chilltown play this thing? Big Brother is NOT about how you treat people- you are dumb).

The only other player I'm rooting for is Matt, have been since literally day one (seriously, read the post from after the first episode). Am LOVING that he has the diamond veto and am hoping that he makes a big decision instead of putting up Kathy (cop out) or Britney (good move, but there are better ones). I want Matt to figure out that Enzo and Hayden have turned on him and get them first. He controls Ragan and Britney'll vote to keep Lane if she can, so Matt basically decides who goes, even if the vote's against a solid brigade member like Enzo. And with his track record on HOH and hers on Veto I'm betting on Matt first then Britney for next week's top spot (assuming she makes it through diamond veto week).

PS: In what world does Bitchy McHypocrite get $20,000 for acting surprised when BB airs fake messages? He literally did nothing as the saboteur. It needed to be a "throwing off votes, ruining people's chances in competitions, getting in between alliances" job not a "let's see if they buy this message that carries no consequence at all and I have nothing to do with" job. LAMEST TWIST EVER!!! And that includes season 8's "mortal enemies feuding over $5" twist.

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Reality Illusion

Whether or not reality television is in fact "real" has been a major cause of concern for critics since the phenomena began. As a constant watcher and frequent enjoyer of the reality genre, I typically found myself not caring one way or another. The reason for this is mostly that reality TV has broadened to focus mainly on competition shows. These prize-based games are clearly not realistic in the sense that the stars are in at all normal situations. Instead, the only reality lies in the unscripted antics of the contestants/stars and the lack of interruption on the part of production. Lately there have been a plethora of shows disregarding the unscripted "rule" of reality television (here's looking at you The Hills). Regardless, I've still held on to the the belief that most shows will not let production interfere with the outcome (or they at least try to keep up the illusion). I've been largely impressed by this.

This week, my opinions have changed. Two shows in particular have fueled some much needed debate over when it is or is not okay for producers to interfere. These two shows are The Real World and Big Brother.

It's no secret that The Real World fell off its path years ago when the roommates stopped working together, the show added one more to their number, and casting directors stopped looking for diversity but rather focused on the typical party animals. Nevertheless, it's still a mildly enjoyable series which films honest interactions between a group of strangers thrown into a gorgeous house. This week, however, the show lost a lot of my respect. The main strife this season is between the straight, somewhat homophobic, hairstylist Ryan and the gay, somewhat slutty, Preston. The two have bickered and apologized more times than I can count at this point. But things took a turn for the worse when Ryan secretly wiped Preston's cigarettes on his butt and Preston dipped Ryan's toothbrush in the toilet. Now, if you recall years and years back, this toothbrush meets toilet scenario was first performed by Shannon on Big Brother season 2. The producers wisely told Shannon to admit her prank and throw away the toothbrush for health reasons. The interference was broadcast on the show and while it may have been solely done to create drama, the producers at least let viewers know that it was them who interfered. Well, The Real World did no such thing. Instead, Ryan tells his roommates that he heard "rumors" about the incident yet he announces these supposed rumors to every single roommate. Not once in the confessionals or on camera is the audience given any inclination as to who actually spilled the beans. My guess? Production. For a show that loves drama and gossip to completely edit out a scene which causes the entire fight would be unheard of. They clearly should have taken a cue from Big Brother and at least blamed health precautions as a reason to interfere with the "reality" of the situation.

Now, Big Brother has been wise in the past, the toothbrush incident being a clear example, but if you are anyone who knows anything about the online community that follows the live feeds, you would know that for years now executive producer Allison Grodner has been plagued with accusations of interfering with the outcome of her show. In the past, this has always been pure speculation and in my opinion most of the house guests' moves seemed legitimate. This week, however, things changed. If you just watch the show, not the feeds, you would think that Kristen spread the rumors regarding the Brigade alliance. But if you read the online feeds, it would seem that both Brittney and Ragan first heard of a possible male alliance in their Diary Room interviews. It makes sense that in a season filled with lackluster drama, the producers would want the secret alliance to eventually surface. One thing this season lacks is a split house. In the past few years, there have always been two sides fighting against one another; this season it's a whole house against one couple. That barely makes for good television and the second Brendon and Rachel lose HOH the drama is gone (he may have lost it already after this week's not-yet-aired endurance competition).

So what exactly makes Big Brother a much smarter show than The Real World? It's all about the editing. If both of these shows did interfere, the former clearly covered its tracks. By focusing on Kristen's suspicions about the Brigade, Big Brother made it seem as though this was the first time anyone had heard of an all-male alliance. The Real World on the other hand let some sloppy editing ruin the illusion of reality television.

Consequently, to all you reality TV execs out there: while the audience generally knows nothing is 100% real, please do your best to cover up any interferences with smart editing and we'll be none the wiser.

ABC Family Wisdom: Raven-Symone Edition

There aren't that many things that are remarkable about ABC Family (except, perhaps, it's strangely high ratings). However, every time I speak with one of its stars I find that they have some remarkable things to say: wisdom beyond their characters, if you will. So here is the first in a new series of quotable wisdom from the stars of ABC Family. Up first is 24-year-old TV vet Raven-Symone in an interview about her made-for-TV-movie Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

On sabotaging someone's wedding (like she does in the movie): "[nobody] should ever do that, but it's fun to have those tool up your sleeve just in case". 

On sticking with comedy: "I just want somebody to watch what I do and just forget about the problems for that 30 minutes or an hour, or two hours and smile you know? Just smile for a second, it's so much nicer than crying".

On racism and homophobia: "We are in 2010; we need to get over it. Hello? We have a phone that can visually see people face to face, I think we can get over what color we are or what sex we like. I think we need to get over it".

On TV content: "We have to realize that it's up to us to make a stand. If you have a problem with it or don't like something or wish to see something [else], it's still up to the people who are watching. If you don't like something on TV, don't watch it. Don't leave your TV on it. Write in, don't just blindly watch something just because someone says it's cool".

On friendship: "You have to be very loyal. If you're there for them, they'll be there for you".

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Nostalgia Alert

Calling all 90s TV fans, I have the show for you!

On August 17th ABC Family welcomes two icons back to your television set: Joey Lawrence (Blossom, Brotherly Love) and Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains it All). A sucker for familiar faces, I personally cannot wait for the aptly titled Melissa & Joey.

Click on the title of this post for more exclusive photos!

My Week in TV

The Bachelorette
: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let the other guy go before the last day, causing the producers to have to scramble for a new dramatic ending. I kinda liked that, it was both humane and inconvenient- right on. I fear that The Bachelorette may have made me like Ali. Well, something new every day I guess.

Big Brother: I don't know who to cheer for. Rachel is a lunatic but Kristen is a bitch. The brigade is a bumbling alliance but Brendan has terrible taste in women. Kathy is a nothing player. Britney and Ragan aren't bad but I usually don't approve of low key players. I suppose my loyalties still lie with the smartest brigade member, Matt (who's supposed mishandled HOH last week actually took the target 100% off his back) and the so-called "floaters" Britney and Ragan whom I think are playing pretty well, just subtly (and are also each good for some solid quotables each episode). See the comments section on Tim's post from earlier this week for more of my thoughts.

Drop Dead Diva: a good episode this week proclaimed that Jane and Grayson need to grow into their soulmate-ness. It was a great scene, brilliantly acted by Brooke Elliott and well written. It's a sweet concept but exists entirely in TV land, somewhere I always credited Diva for not living.

Project Runway: It's back! That is good. That is all.

My Boys: Another solid episode this week gave us some brilliant quotes as Mike planned his own birthday celebration.

Top Chef: A decent lot of chefs completely pales in comparison to last season's. Kenny keeps proclaiming that he's the man but has yet to truly prove it. Angelo is a decently strong chef but the producers are trying too hard to frame him as a villain when he's not dynamic enough to warrrant it. Alex is kind of an interestingly sketchy character and Amanda is maddening but overall these people are blandly talented and boring. Once you go Volt you never go back. Though even without the brilliant brothers, last season still had lots of great going ons like the great characters and food of Kevin and Eli, the controversy of Robin and the tough gal persona of Jennifer. This season's got none of it. It's also the kitschiest yet, and that's saying something considering last season was set in Vegas.

Life Unexpected: I'm catching up through summer re-runs. Me like.

The Good Wife: ditto.

The Last Comic Standing: Still loving my first experience with the show. Go Tommy Go!

So You Think You Can Dance: Kent's got this. That's been obvious since the second Alex went down. However, Lauren did have a spectacular week this week and Robert's grown on me. But Travis (LOVE) choreographed one of the most upsettingly moving pieces of the series thus far and gave it to Kent to dance with all-star Neil (also, LOVE) so he's got this, there's no doubt about it. And deservingly so. I mean, it should have been Alex but he's hurt. It could have been Anthony but the producers didn't like him enough to put him in the finals. It could have been Billy, but America didn't get him (though he REALLY should have made it past Adechike). So it's Kent. He's sweet, he's charming and boy can DANCE! He can take the prize, I'm cool with that.

Bones and True Blood: My current DVD projects. I'm still in season 1 of both but hoping to catch up to the newest seasons come fall. Loving both, especially Bones (that Christmas episode is superb!)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Last Comics Standing

With last week's elimination of the last woman standing (Rachel- hilarious actually, should not have gone home!), and this week's loss of strange-not-funny Jonathan has left a genuinely hilarious final 5 that's not unlike a very strange boy band. Here's where they stand in my estimation:

1) Tommy (the cute one)
This week's set was his funniest yet, and possibly the funniest of the season so far. He's charming, with great timing, valuable confidence and superb writing skills. My favourite, hands down.

2) Mike (the guy's guy)
He's terrifying but somehow lovable. He pulls off jokes that wouldn't work coming from anyone else. He can get away with saying anything, and he does, and it's unbelievably funny.

3) Myq (the quirky one)
There's something quintessentially funny about Myq. It's like everything he says is draped in irony and I love him for it. His life is a goldmine of classic comedy taboo topics: he's covered Judaism, veganism, homosexuality, and so many others. Myq seems somehow classic.

4) Roy (the nice guy)
Steady as he goes seems to be how Roy works. He's funny every week but I've somehow always failed to notice. A highlight was last week's set, which was in large part about chicken nuggets.

5) Felipe (the weird one)
I don't really get him, but I see how other people do. My least favourite of the lot, Felipe's still pretty darn funny. His performance style is unique but I just don't think his jokes are quite as funny as the rest. They're amusing, but the rest of these guys are firing on all cylinders and Felipe just seems a bit behind.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Big Brother So Far

It's hard to imagine that almost a month has passed and there still has been absolutely no My TV update on Big Brother. The number one guilty pleasure of the summer is usually thoroughly covered by this site. The fact that there is so little to discuss is very telling. Up until this past weekend, I would easily wager that this summer's Big Brother is the least interesting to date (not including that winter edition which I prefer to pretend did not exist). Luckily enough, things might finally be taking a change for the better. With the ousting of Andrew following the best "on the block" speech in the entire series, a new energy has been added the to series. The loner Andrew called out Kristen and Hayden by finally exposing their hidden showmance. What followed was a complete drama filled episode highlighting Rachel and Kristen's inevitable battle of the bitches.

There are so few things to say about the current season of Big Brother yet I have a feeling this will change in the next few episodes. Since this is My TV's first discussion regarding the current season, it's only fitting to start with a rating of the current players' status and anticipated awesomeness to come. Without further ado, here are my current rankings for this years hamsters:

10/ Kristen- This quite floater completely ruined her game this week. Andrew's revelation of her secret relationship surely did not help matters, but Kristen's chaotic reaction only confirmed the assertions. Regardless of whether or not the other houseguests believe she does have a showmance with Hayden, Kristen ruined her chances by prolonging a fight with the current HOH. Kristen clearly is the number one player most influenced by her emotions and based on tonight's nomination ceremony this has really hurt her game play. With the brigade backing Hayden, it's likely that Kristen's time in the house is extremely limited unless she wins the POV.

9/ Kathy- Going into this season, Kathy was the one player I wanted to love the most. I still thoroughly enjoy her kind, motherly attitude but this is one hamster that is stuck on the wheel. Kathy has yet to figure out how to play this game. By hugging Kristen and Hayden after Rachel's HOH victory, Kathy clearly picked a side. It's one thing to say you want everyone to get along but it's a completely other thing to comfort the opposition to the HOH. This is one reality show that cannot be won by sympathy alone but rather strategy and smarts. Kathy clearly is lacking both and whether or not she wants to believe it, this is one floater who's bound to sink.

8/ Hayden- Believe it or not Kristen is not Hayden's biggest problem. The one aspect of the game which will ruin Hayden's chances at the grand prize is his likability. All of the contestants seem to enjoy Hayden and think he's a good guy. This is bound to be detrimental to his game play. At this point, going up against him in the final two would secure a loss for anybody. Hayden will easily be the first member of the Brigade voted out and if Kristen wins the POV you can bet that his days are numbered.

7/ Enzo- His biggest flaw is also similar to Hayden's. Enzo is a likable guy who hasn't really proven himself as much of a competitor. I see Enzo being an easy out at some point in the game. He lacks the emotional story to win (like the fake story of his ally Matt) and he lacks the charm to stay in (like his other Brigade ally Lane). Enzo will likely surpass Hayden but my guess is he's next on the pecking order.

6/ Brendon- The sad truth is that females are seen as much less of a threat than men. As a two time POV winner, Brendon will easily be targeted by most of the men in the house. Unless he wins HOH next week, Brendon is doomed for failure. His only hope would be winning the POV for a third time or having Britney or Ragan win HOH (two contestants who seem to be playing both sides of the house to an impressive degree). The bottom line is given the opportunity Rachel will stay over Brendon and it's inevitable that the two will find themselves on the chopping block again.

5/ Matt- Although Matt was called out by Rachel, his faux sick wife story will keep him in this game. The Kristen vs. Rachel argument was the best thing that would happen to Matt. The target has left him and gone to the other showmance of the season and as a result Matt should be sitting pretty for a few more weeks. While Matt is clearly not the evil genius he thinks he is, his standing in the game will remain solid for at least two more weeks. Add in the fact that floaters such as Ragan absolutely love him and you may just have yourself a legitimate threat for the final 3.

4/ Lane- Who now? Exactly. As the quietest contestant in the entire show, Lane will easily make the top 5. He's likable, he barely has won a thing, and on top of it all nobody thinks he's in an alliance. Of all the Brigade members Lane has the best chance for victory simply because he's the most likely to ride his teammates' coattails til the end.

3/ Ragan- He's quite. He's friendly. He's barely given screen time. Ragan is on nobody's radar and luckily for him this is a season where the true floaters will last longest. In my opinion, there are only 2 floaters left in the game: Ragan and Britney. The true meaning of a floater is someone who essentially gets along with both sides of the house and uses their friendliness to stay in. Ragan and Britney are the only two who have made a quasi-pact with the couple (Rachel and Brendon) but also have ties with the Brigade (this information comes mainly from the 24/7 feed updates). As a likable, unallied houseguest, Ragan will remain in the game for a while and will likely prove to be a threat.

2/ Rachel- She may have an annoying laugh and most certainly is overly obsessive about protecting her "man", but never in the history of Big Brother have I been so impressed by such an unlikable individual. Regardless of what Kristen thinks, winning 2 out of 4 HOH competitions is pretty damn impressive (especially considering she only competed in 3 and the first was clearly not even kind of a competition). Rachel and Brendon have been the targets since day one and they remain in the house entirely because these two kick some serious ass in competitions. Rachel will likely surpass Brendon in this game and I have a feeling once he leaves the target on her back will severely decrease. Add in her new found appreciation for Britney and the two just might make it to the finals. Rachel is thoroughly entertaining television and quite the force to reckon with.

1/ Britney- Two weeks ago I would have sworn Britney sucked at this game and would be leaving immediately. Flash forward til now and Britney is playing the best game hands down. The epitome of a floater, Britney is making friends with one-time enemy Rachel and securing herself a spot in the final 4. Nobody would waste a nomination on Britney at this point, and for good reason. She stinks at competitions, has no clear allies, and sounds like a dumb blond. The truth is Britney is likable enough that if she remains quite and strikes at a later date, her game may be unstoppable. Her new "friendship" with Rachel puts her completely off of the radar and the result will only help her in the long run. Aspects of Briteny remind me of Jordan and at the moment there isn't a single contestant I'd more like to route for (of course, I'm ignoring all the horrible comments she made with Monet).