Thursday, January 29, 2009

Charlie Hume

In a lovely tribute to his deceased friend and a callback to one of TV's most emotional moments, Desmond and Penny named their son Charlie, after Charlie Pace who died saving Desmond's life.

The revelation was one of few engaging moments in this week's installment of the most overrated show on the air: Lost. The other highlight was the young Charles Whidmore's role on the island in the 1950s. 

Low points included a bratty English girl who thinks she's badass, the ridiculous use of Latin as the official language of "the others" and the fact that the episode was yet another one of their forays into time travel, which I wouldn't mind so much if I had any faith at all that the writers'll make it all make sense in the end. 


Dorv said...


The tribute to Charlie was one of my favorite things about this episode, I have to completely disagree that it was one of few highlights. This week's episode was outstanding.

This episode shows that the writers do have a grasp on how to handle the complexities of time travel and multiple time lines. Granted, I 100% believe that most of it is retconning and not necessarily ALL part of a perfectly woven plan. However, I think they've done a good job of explaining smaller points of interest that we've seen before.

I also think that Ellie was scared playing tough. I also think she's important to the greater storylines.

What's so outlandish about the Latin?

You're probably someone who used to be a big fan, but doesn't really like what the show's doing now. My dumb question is, why not just give up now? If you couldn't get into this episode, then I don't know if things are going to get any better for you.

Kelly said...

lost has been bothering me a lot lately. I keep being reminded that the days of slowly unravelling the characters' pasts are over and now its all about plot. Now don't get me wrong, I have a ton of respect for showrunners who can lay out such intricately detailed plot without getting tangled up but I miss the character-driven days.

and why don't I stop watching? Im unable to give up on a show. Once Im in Im in until the end because I need to know what happens. And Lost, unlike Alias, Weeds, Chuck and The OC which I abandoned then caught up on DVD, will be spoiled if I don't watch it now. Besides, it may be a disappointment but I still enjoy Lost for its production values, interesting stories, beautiful cast and occasionally funny dialogue.