Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bloggers Support the WGA Strike

in a showing of support for the Writers Guild Strike that's going on right now. TV Bloggers are going on strike as well.
as of Tuesday, November 12th there will be no more posts from My TV until the blogger blackout ceases.

Ill still reply to emails and post podcasts so please email me at mytvpodcast@gmail.com and download the podcast from the iTunes store.

hoping to write again soon!

Friday, November 09, 2007

My TV Heroes stand up for the little guys.

as the nightmare WGA strike continues a plethora of star actors, writers and directors have been spotted on the picket lines showing their support. Steve Carrell refuses to cross the picket line, shutting down The Office completely until the strike ends even though they already have some finished yet unshot scripts. Ron Rifkin has joined the Brothers & Sisters writers and Julia Louis Dreyfus is out there too for the Old Christine writers. Patricia Arquette made an appearance an Jay Leno brought donuts

my favourite? Allyson Hannigan and her husband Alexis brought candy bars with Cobie Smulders out to the HIMYM writers.

Joss Whedon is out there too- LOVE. read his open letter from Variety.com here:


Friday, November 02, 2007


I ADORED UGLY BETTY THIS WEEK. Last year I liked it, this year Ive been loving it and I worship last night's episode. As a massive Wicked fan I thought they used the show brilliantly (and of course I loved seeing bits of it on TV). The "I'm Not that Girl" montage was heartbreaking. "The Defying Gravity" moment at the end was over the moon, out of the park, cant eat, cant sleep world series kind of great. I cheered and I gasped and I held my breath. I'm completely in love with Henry. Just so completely in love.

in other story lines... Mark's relationship is spectacular! I love Cliff, I love seeing Mark with more dimensions. Mark and Amanda are 2 of the greatest characters on TV and I'm so happy they have story lines!!! There was also some lovely Wilhemina stuff wherein we get to see her really as a human as opposed to a robotic villain. and Daniel and Christina looking out for Betty is always sweet.

Ive already watched it twice, I cannot get over this episode!!!!!!! CHEERING!!!!!!!