Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday Night TV by the Numbers

6 Actors Who Shone This Week
Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Joel Grey (Private Practice), Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Amy Brenneman (Private Practice). 

5 Interesting Developments
Violet is pregnant (Private Practice), Izzie is sick (Grey's Anatomy), Suzuki is straight (Ugly Betty), Charlotte wants to get married (Private Practice), Kim has a photographic memory (Kath & Kim). 

4 Touching Moments
Marc stands up to Wilhelmina (Ugly Betty), Michael struggles with deceiving good people for his own advancement (The Office), Liz takes a hit to save Jack's dignity (30 Rock), Violet and Cooper have a best friends moment in her office closet (Private Practice). 

3 Ridiculous Plots
Kim tries to become the nightly news anchor woman (Kath & Kim), Lexi breaks Mark's penis (Grey's Anatomy), Kenneth tries to get Tracey to eat his vegetables (30 Rock). 

2 Promising Characters Who Kinda Stink
Betty (Ugly Betty), Addison (Private Practice). 

1 Real Question
Is Hilary Swank hot? (The Office). 


Dorv said...


Kelly said...

I say No.
and I think it's slightly unfair that the Yes team had both Jim and Pam-how is one supposed to disagree with both Jim and Pam.

Dorv said...

I don't watch the Office, so I missed the original joke.

I thought she looked really good in the Core, but I love women in uniform.

Kelly said...

who doesnt watch the office? you should really watch the office. start from the beginning though, season 2 is the highlight.

Dorv said...

I've decided I'll catch up on it after its off the air. I really don't want to catch up on a show and then add something else to watch every week :)