Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where Would They Be Now?

Alexis Bledel's upcoming guest appearance on this Thursday's 2 hour ER series finale got me thinking about the Gilmore girls again. 

In the 2007 series finale, Rory was about to really leave home for the first time for an amazing job opportunity. Her assignment? Cover the presidential campaign of a particular long shot candidate for the democratic nomination. That was the last we saw of Stars Hollow's favourite daughter.

Don't you ever wonder, if Gilmore girls came back for a new season, where would our favourite mother/daughter team be now?

Would Lorelai and Luke be married? 

Would Emily and Richard have retired to Costa Rica by now?

And, considering that that dark horse politician's name was Barack Obama, would Rory have made it to the white house press corps?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Rachael said...

Lorelai and Luke are definitely married.

I spent half the Obama campaign thinking about poor Rory on the campaign bus with her neck pillow not being able to ride rollercoasters with her mother. But I suppose she got some good experience out of it. And yes, I think she made her name on the campaign trail and is now working fulltime as part of the White House press corps.

I like to think she met up with the now successful and emotionally mature Jess, but that's more of a pipe dream.

Emily and Richard... good question. But I can't imagine Richard retired, no matter how many heart attacks he has.