Thursday, March 19, 2009

Returning Soon

Anxious for your favourite shows to return? See below for the spring premieres of all your favourites. 
*shows with asterisks are ones that My TV contributors watch (*for Kelly, ** for Rachael, *** for both)

***Samantha Who?- March 26, 8:30 (ABC)
*90210- March 31, 9pm (The CW)
***My Boys- March 31, 10:30 (TBS)
**Greek- March 30, 8pm (ABC Family)
Rescue Me- April 7, 10pm (FX)
*Prison Break- April 17, 8pm (FOX)
*The Bachelorette- May 18, 9pm (ABC)

And be sure to tune into these shows which have just gotten underway within the past couple weeks (though some aren't really worth the look):

*The Amazing Race- Sun, 8pm (CBS)
Celebrity Apprentice- Sun, 9pm (NBC)
Dancing with the Stars- Mon, 8pm (ABC)
*Rules of Engagement- Mon, 9:30 (CBS)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon- Mon, 12:304 (NBC)
Reaper- Tues, 8pm (The CW)
America's Next Top Model- Wed, 8pm (The CW)

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