Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canada's Top 20 Dancers

The Adorable Boys I Already Love:

Cody couldn't be more endearing; Everett and Vincent have already won my heart; Anthony is super cute and Nicholas' been working the charm since day one (which might make me turn against him, we will see).

The Promising Girls I'm Rooting For:

Melanie M is the tops dancer so far (and I totally know her sister, what up!); Jayme Rae is a rock star; Tara-Jean has a lot of potential and Kim is almost as all-around great as her boyfriend (last season's Vincent).

The People I'm Not So Sure About But Who Are Great Dancers
(everyone else):

Austin bothers me with the ego but boy can that boy turn; Emmanuel is sort of icky (and suffers from the much more understandable confidence that comes from being a world-class skater); Daniel and Danny show promise but still need to prove themselves; Jenna Lyne already annoys me; Amy, Natalie, Corynne and Melanie B just haven't gotten enough screentime to influence me yet.

The Week 1 Routines That Wowed Me:

A gorgeous (and totally underrated) Waltz by Anthony and Corynne; Stacey Tookey contemporary by Cody and Melanie M; Paul Becker's Capoeira by Austin and Tatiana and a Sean Cheesman Afro Jazz (my favourite genre on the show) danced by Daniel and Jayme Rae.

Choreographers Who Rock:

Stacey Tookey and Sean Cheesman blow my mind. That creepy guy (Paul Becker) pulled out a great routine this week as well (but is still too creepy to put on this list) and Tre showed impressive restraint from stupidity on the judging panel this week (though again, that and her awesome outfit weren't enough to land her on this list). Tony and Melanie, however, freaking rock.

My Favourite Thing About The Show:

Once again, Blake McGrath is the smartest dude on the panel. Not only is both the toughest and most supportive judge AT THE SAME TIME, but he backs it up with solid choreography, helpful constructive criticism and incomparable dance skill. My first favourite SYTYCD-er is still going strong.


The First To Get Cut:

It broke my heart to see Tatiana go so early, she was kick-ass, and though I cared about him a lot less, Taylor was a tough cut too.

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