Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Big Brother Picture List

People I Like (in order- as of right now, working under the assumption that they will do something stupid to make me dislike them very soon).

People I Hate
(pretty definitively- in order).

More BB Thoughts: Jessie drives me crazy but is an OK game player, Jordan is dumb and a floater (according to the actual definition of someone who's not actively playing and not the crazy interpretation that the house has of a floater being someone who doesn't declare their allegiance) but is on the right side of the house and Kevin hasn't had an emotional outburst in quite some time and deserves credit for seeming to be quite genuine- that's why they're on the like list. My favourites are Russell (my #1 since Laura's eviction), Michelle (an early favourite of mine who's finally stepping up her gameplay and picked the right allies) and Jeff (mostly because he's aligned with Russell). Rusell and Jeff- this year's Renegades? Here's hoping yes. Natalie needs to go, she's such a know-it-all, Chima could not be more vile (why does she think she's so much better than Michelle?), Lydia is a nutcase and Ronnie isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Based entirely on who I think is the audience's favourite, I think Jeff will get the coup d'etat and probably not use it at all. Finally, a week where the evictee will be someone I want gone- Go Team Russell!


Tim said...

I couldn't agree more.

It's so painfully obvious how much the Big Brother exec's want Ronnie to with the power. Every time they mention the coup d'etat it's about him getting it.

I really fear they might do some evil trickery and give it to him even if the votes don't go his way. I'm hoping they are honest though.

Kelly said...

I hope so too. If it does go to Jeff (who has thousands more fans listed on the CBS website than anyone else),it'll probably be a bust again because he wont use it. Ronnie's the only guarantee to use it and that's best for CBS's ratings.