Friday, October 24, 2008

Pretty Pretty Daisies

There were so many things that were lovely about this week's Pushing Daisies

There were fantastic guest stars: 
Debra Mooney (Everwood), David 
Arquette (Never Been Kissed- one of my favourite teen movies ever)

The mystery of the week was awesome: frescorts= hilarious! a business founded by a high school outcast, through which you can hire a

Emerson's character got a lot of backstory filled in. 

The development of Chuck and Olive's friendship is really endearing. 

Lee Pace could not be more adorable. 

I loved the moral or the story and the lesson that was learned: being alone is ok and before you can be good for anyone else you need to be good on your own. 

And the show is just all around beautiful. Everything from Chuck's costumes to Olive's apartment to the lighting to Lee Pace's smile and Anna Friel's freckles- everything's just so pretty!

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