Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Matthews Back on TV

In The Ex List's 3rd episode one character was given a chance to shine, Bella's father. Though he was in the pilot episode, his scenes were so brief that I failed to notice that he's played by none other than William Russ, Mr. Allan Matthews (of Boy Meets World) himself. He's very much the same character: the all American, hard working dad who's a former Navy officer, really into football and a tad overprotective. Welcome back Mr. Russ, you've been missed. 

In other news, I still hate Bella (this is definitely never going to change) and still love her friends (also, not likely to change). The B story this week was dominated by best friend Vivian (Alexandra Breckenridge), whom I kind of love, while mildly amusing sidekick Cyrus (Amir Talai) got a mildly amusing story involving the sale of home security systems and Bella's amazing old friend Augie (Adam Rothenberg) and fantastic sister Daphne (Rachel Boston) were relegated to bit parts. 

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