Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dancing Season 5: The Return of the Favourites

So You Think You Can Dance season 5 is off with a bang with returning favourites. In the grand tradition of Hok and Twitch (who made the top 20 as fan favourites after being cut the previous season), a favourite of mine from last season, Evan Kasprzak is back this year with his brother Ryan to jazz up the competition (literally). Here's hoping they make it all the way this time.

Other returning favourites include the outrageously good contemporary dancers who both just barely missed the season 4 top 20 cut: Brandon Bryant and Natalie Reid (who you may remember from last year as Katee's supportive friend who almost went through in her place).

The season is looking up.


Tim said...

The brothers are my favorite! I love the brothers! (Lisa and I may have watched the last episode...and we may be recording the entire series on tivo).

Kelly said...

DO IT! it's the best reality show out there.