Monday, December 15, 2008

What About Firefly?

Some of the you (of the millions who I know read this) may be wondering where my Firefly review is. It is true, I have finally finished the series and I, of course, loved it. But I have been seriously lacking on the podcast front lately so I've decided to express my opinions on the show in that medium. Hesitant to record on my own when I could be providing you with interesting banter instead of my boring and long winded ramblings, I'm putting off spilling my points on Firefly. Instead, look for a podcast sometime in January featuring myself and fellow Joss-aficionado Rachael (of "I Watch Movies and Then Talk About Them") debating the finer points of the series. 

Also to come: Rachael has officially joined the site as a writer! So look for the occasional column or review from her in the future. 

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