Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Male Recession

Last night Samantha Newly met the perfect man. He’s kind, funny, handsome, rich, caring, charming and every good adjective there is. He runs a charity, cares about humanity AND the planet. He didn’t lose interest after she slept with him, didn’t care when she said something stupid and didn’t judge her crazy mother. He’s perfect.

So my request to the Samantha Who? showrunners is that they let him be that way. They can give him flaws to add dimension and quirks to add comedy but if they make him into a bad person I’m going to lose it. After Privileged turned the adorable Jacob Cassidy into a lying cheat and the loveably endearing Charlie into a whiney selfish brat, I got to thinking, where are the great guys? Especially on female heavy shows lately, all the men have been made out to be substandard; even McDreamy’s having an off-season.

Maybe it’s because My Boys hasn’t come back on the air yet or because I’m waiting on NBC before getting into season 3 of Friday Night Lights but as of right now it seems as if the credit of the entire gender rests on the shoulders of Ted Mosby. 


Rachael said...

I can't help but notice that in your collage of male leads, you have the fantastic Chuck Bartowski. Chuck is consistently funny, sweet, and kind, even when following what he knows is right takes him away from his epic love, Sarah. So never fear for that state of the TV male, just switch it over to NBC for a bit on Monday nights.

And ps, Marshall is always a bastion of decency, even when Ted is at his most douche-y (and that's douche-y, not douche-et.)

Kelly said...

haha, yes there are a few left, but mostly they're on shows that are run by men and centered on men. female showrunners seem to be giving men a hard time lately.