Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fiction pales in comparison

I live in a world of fiction. I've always subscribed to the theory that minds are more easily changed with stories than with speeches. And while reality often disappoints, I've been able to spend years alongside the honorable heroes, charming leaders and valiant world servants of television. 

But as of tonight, as of this very moment, all that has changed. No longer is Jed Bartlett the best man to occupy the oval office. No longer do the highest ideals belong to Sam Seaborn. No longer is Toby Ziegler the leading authority on sparkling oratory or Josh Lymon the most impressive political operative. 

Now we have a real hero on our hands; someone so good and smart and optimistic and inspiring that it's difficult to believe that he's really real. But he is. 

Barack Obama has a story; he has more than one. He has a rags to riches story, an underdog story and an epic love story. He has an intellect that can dazzle even the most elitist scholar, a presence so powerful that he commands every ounce of attention in the room and a smile so endearing that one can't help but place all their faith in him and his high ideals. His campaign is a story of struggle, of controversy, of change and the possibility of greatness; his election is a story of hope. 

Obama and what he means for the future of The United States seems too good to be true, a TV ideal. But here's the thing, this time, it really is true and no fiction could ever compare. 


Dancelover said...

Well Said!

tigger said...

Very elegantly written. I couldn't agree with you more. We are moving from the abyss to a much more open, engaging and accepting society. I guess it is true that sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can journey along the path of recovery and hope. The last 8 yrs. have been very difficult. The lack of leadership and deception from the Bush administration has resulted in unneccasry pain, death and destruction both within the United States and world wide. Agression, retaliation is not the answer to our challenges. History has taught us that. Acceptance, honest dialogue and understanding of our fellow man and the environment that we live in is. We enter the next 8 yrs with hope and aspirations that have not been felt for the past 2 or 3generations. It is unrealistic to expect that Barack Obama can meet the expectations that have been thrust upon him. But by giving hope, and leadership he could set the path for which our society and other socities around the world could follow in the goal of establishing peace and prosperity. It is my hope that President- elect Obama sets the standard from which we measure our future political leaders. If he does this, he has done more than we could possibly have hoped for when we watched this man walk out on to that stage last evening with his wife and two children.