Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Week's Obsessions

Felicity's Haircut
Most people hated it when Felicity's response to getting her heart broken was to cut off her signature long curls. In fact, the change of hair in season 2 is (somewhat jokingly) charged with the decline in the show's ratings. I, on the other hand, love her haircut. I think if you've got Keri Russell's graceful neck and delicate feminine features why not show them off with a short haircut. Audrey Hepburn pulled it off, and so does Keri Russell.

Jason Robert Brown
The best contemporary musical theatre composer out there is a staple of my music collection. This week I've wailed alongside Cathy and sympathized with Jamie in The Last Five Years while baking a batch of cookies. I've wept for Leo while listening to Parade and walking home. I've examined "What it means to be a friend" while listening to a sample recording of 13 and been inspired by Songs for a New World. There's no one better than JRB.

Seriously, it's surprisingly entertaining.

The Mole's Nicole
She may be crazy but has there been a smarter or bolder woman on reality TV in recent history? If she isn't the mole (which, if she is, she is doing an amazing job of hiding), I really hope she wins.

The Dr. Horrible Panel at Comic Con
I may not have been able to be there but from the audio recording I heard this sounds like the greatest panel in history. Then again, was there ever any question when the central forces of the project are 2 of the coolest men alive (Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris)?

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