Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A (Not So) Perfect Bachelor

It's no secret that this summer I got really into The Bachelorette. By "really into" I mean there was nothing else to watch so I fell in love with several of the awesome men and continued to hate Jillian every week.

Regardless of my dislike for the title "character", I was still looking forward to this January's Bachelor. With any smarts, the show would cast Kypton, Reid, or maybe even Michael as the new seeker of love.

Epic fail.

It was just announced that the new season will focus on none other than Jake. If you don't recall, he was the guy that showed up to warn Jillian of Wes' cheating ways. He was also the self-described perfect guy and the one who sounded entirely fake every time he spoke.

So here's to a season of horrible cheesiness and terrible perfection...I won't be watching.


Kelly said...


Come on, that was so predictable. They even asked him during the "men tell all" if he'd consider being the bachelor.

But you're right, it will be a cheesy season, and it may even be a boring one. But one thing it won't be is sleazy, and if there's one thing that the bachelor could really do without is its usual dose of sleaze.

Kelly said...

also: let us lament the fact that alyssa and I nominated scott for the show and they went with jake instead... boo.

Alyssa said...

They chose Jake! It was a pretty predictable decision though. I liked Jake on the show, I was pretty much in live with him after their first one on one date, but I'm not sure how he will do as the bachelor though. Out of all the guys, I think Kiptyn had the best future bachelor potential, he just seemed to have that type of personality. I most likely will watch it though.

Very disappointed that they never called Scott. I think they think he's too young, we should nominate him again next time.

Kelly said...

oh of course, we'll nominate him every season! He's definitely too young, Ive never seen anyone under 25 on the show.

Yeah, I would have been happiest if they went with Reid, thought Kiptyn also would have been good. I think Jake will make for a very different season- should be interesting.