Friday, July 10, 2009

Top Ten

This week's episodes of So You Think You Can Dance have been incredibly bittersweet. Thursday's episode finalized the top ten dancers, and in doing so two dancers were sent home. In the bottom six dancers included: Caitlin, Jason, Jeanine, Phillip, Melissa, and Ade. I was quite surprised to see Melissa and Ade in the bottom three because they have given consistent strong performances. Caitlin and Jason have been regulars in the bottom three. In the past two weeks, Jeanine and Phillip have been new visitors in the bottom three, as well. Like usual the judges made their decision on who would stay and who would go.

This week, for the girls, we said goodbye to Caitlin. I understood the judges' decision to eliminate Caitlin. Although she danced 'good' for the most part, she never was able to take her dancing or her routines to the next level, in my opinion.

For the males, we said goodbye to Phillip. Although Phillip is not my favorite dancer, I wanted to see him perform next week. He brought such a great attitude and heart to all of his routines. His partnership with Jeanine was one of my favorites. I thought Phillip had much more room to grow. Jason has been given several chances, and like Caitlin, I don't feel that he has taken his performance to the next level. He better, now!

The final ten dancers are: Kupono, Jeanine, Jason, Melissa, Ade, Randi, Evan, Janette, Brandon, and Kayla. This should be a top ten to remember!


Kelly said...

I agree that it was Caitlin's time to go... but I sort of loved her. First of all her dancing was beautiful. She never could seem to quite nail the routines but her solos were gorgeous and you could tell she had great technique. But mostly I just thought she was sweet. She was always so nervous and so caring about the other dancers, she got along great with Jason (did you see how he cried when she got cut?!) and was generally just endearingly weird- which I found delightful and surprising.

Phillip was similarly adorable. I loved everything about him from his goofy grin to his chemistry with Jeanine (who I think is my current favourite) to the fact that he came to the audition to dance with his girlfriend who had taught him to be more than a popper. He worked really hard, was adorably nerdy and had some great performances. That said, he's simply not a strong enough dancer across all platforms to keep going.

So while I thought Jason would go and really would have preferred it be Brendan, Melissa or Jeanette (because I never warmed to them, not because they are anything other than remarkable dancers- Brendan and Jeanetter were incomparably good this week) I think the judges made the right choices this week (and most weeks previous, actually. It's the right top 10).

Lauren said...

I love how Caitlin got along with Jason. Their chemistry was one of my favorites. And, her solos were nicely done. After I wrote the blog, I thought to myself "I knew Phillip would get cut, and I totally understand." But, his speech that he gave made me teary-eyed. He had such a good HEART.

I cannot stand Brendan...even though he is a good dancer. His routine last week was amazing. One of my favorites.

Ade's solo was phenomenal. I love him. He's my second my favorite. Jaenette is annoying. Melissa is okay. Randi, actually really bothers me. I'm not sure why. But, she does.