Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Survives... for a little while

I don't know how I managed to miss such crucial information but somehow I didn't know that my favourite early cancellation of the season was making a reappearance on TV this summer.

So imagine my surprise and delight to find that a new episode of Valentine had appeared on my PVR.

Starting last night (June 28th), The CW has started airing the final 4 episodes of the schmaltzy lovefest that was once my favourite new show of the fall.

Starring the psycho lady from Dexter, Taylor Townsend and that guy that's in everything, Valentine is an unremarkable show that mysteriously manages to effect one's mood more thoroughly than most.

With Valentine joining the lineup of the dearly departed being briefly resurrected for a couple weeks in the sun, I've got to say that this year's summer TV might just be some of the best there's been in years (Valentine, Pushing Daisies, Kings, Eli Stone, Samantha Who, Better Off Ted... it's a bittersweet farewell tour).

Catch Valentine on Sundays at 7pm on The CW.


Rachael said...

I thought Better Off Ted was NOT canceled, despite their burning off episodes during the summer.

Kelly said...

you're right... I just sort of added it because it makes my summer happier. I love Better Off Ted.

But yes, it will be back for season 2.