Thursday, August 07, 2008

a short obsession list

Felicity's eccentric former roommate and Ben's lovable landlord are the saving graces of a mediocre season 3. The unlikely couple are hilarious and adorable together. Amidst a boring Ben/Felicity relationship, a severe Noel character meltdown, an over-the-top drug/shooting incident and stupid Elena romance problems, the fact that Meghan and Sean were given so much material made Felicity's 3rd season watchable. And who doesn't love Greg Grunberg, ... Scott Speedman who?

I'm going to their concert tonight. Kevin may be gone but as long as Brian's still around I'm game. I can't wait!

I recently bought "Michael J Fox's All-Time Favourite Episodes, Volume I" on DVD. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this show. Barry Bostwick is priceless, you all know my love for Connie Britton, Alan Ruck and Richard Kind are wonderful comedians and there are few actors that I love more than Michael J Fox- doesn't he just seem like the nicest guy in the world?

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