Monday, December 17, 2007

Top TV Moments of 2007

Justin in West Side Story while Hilda finds out about Santos’ death on the season 1 finale of Ugly Betty.

Pam walks on hot coals and confesses her feelings in The Office then Jim asking her out in the finale.

The Walkers jumping in the pool in the finale of Brothers & Sisters

Danny’s “We are the Champions” solo and the crowd/judges/his family reaction on So You Think You Can Dance

Betty coming to Henry’s door to the sounds of “Defying Gravity” in the Wicked episode of Ugly Betty

Charlie’s death in the Lost finale

Michael and Sara kiss on the train in Prison Break

Bree gets a BBQ fork stuck in her fake pregnancy belly on Desperate Housewives

the prop guys walk out for Allison Janney’s episode within an episode on Studio 60 (and her and Tim Busfield are on screen together again)

Barney on The Price is Right on HIMYM

the HIMYM wedding

The HIMYM hot/crazy scale

Barney’s play to get back at Lily in HIMYM “moist”

Michael telling Toby he can’t go to The Office beach party

Stewie and Brian’s intro to the Emmys

Meredith helping Christina out of her wedding dress in the finale of Greys

Sophia’s 50,000$ and Zach’s 20,000$ gold stars on Kid Nation

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